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Ask and embla

In old Norsk mythology, Ask and Embla is the story of the first man (Ask) and the first woman (Embla) who lived in Midgard.  The first two humans, who were created by the gods.  This is a story about new life and a story about the start of a new family.

The name CrossFit Ask was chosen to represent the new beginning that CrossFit Ask has created within the Stavanger fitness community.  A new training environment with a focus on good movement, high-quality facilities, equality amongst members and a positive community. 

The name CrossFit Ask was also chosen to represent the growth of a new family, starting with the five ownership partners and growing into the large family of members we see today. 


As members, coaches and ownership partners, we have grown together to create one family – the Ask Family.

our coaches

CrossFit Ask is owned and operated by five partners, who each bring their own capabilities and experiences to the leadership team.  This partnership has combined to create the professional, positive and inclusive fitness community that is CrossFit Ask.

In addition to the partners, the coaching team includes a diverse mix of experienced trainers.  Each trainer offers their own unique style of coaching, developed from various training certificates, and life and fitness experiences.


Gym Manager / Partner

Personlig Trener (AFPT)
Mental Trainer L1 (Raw Trening)
Rehab Trener (AFPT)
Kostholdsveileder (AFPT)
Aerobic Capacity Course


Trainer / Partner

Aerobic Capasity Course
Personlig Trener (AFPT)
3D Trening (AFPT)


Trainer / Partner

Aerobic Capasity Course


Trainer / Partner



Trainer / Partner

CF L1 (pending)



Thai Boxing Trainer
Kettlebell Instructor L1
Personal Trainer Senior L2
Functional Training Coach




Ane Iselin

Flow / Trainer

Lektor i dans v/ UiS
BA Dans og MA Performance
3. belte i Capoeira
Kursholder mobilitet og yoga



Personlig Trener (AFPT)
RocDoc (kinesologitaping)
Idretts psykologi og mental trening



Aerobic Capasity Course

Eyvind Morten




Berserk / Trainer






This is a what our members are saying about us.

I compete in competitive wind surfing and I had been training with a regular strength program for over 25 years, but I was looking for a new way of training. After completing AskLappen, I realised that I was lacking a lot of upper body strength and mobility, and decided to sign up at CrossFit Ask. It was a nice mental challenge to go from the top level in my own sport, to learning all the movements of CrossFit. After 1 year with CrossFit Ask I am 12 kg lighter and am much stronger in my shoulders and core. This has resulted in great results out in wind surfing competition as well. Even after the toughest sessions, it is great to see that the coaches and the members always give a smile and a high five.
Photo: Pål Fostervold
When I moved to Stavanger in the autumn of 2018, I needed to find a gym where I could focus on further developing as a competitive athlete. I was also looking for a place that both valued and accepted who I am, and a place that perhaps where I could perhaps share the knowledge of ‘dance and movement’ that I have gained as a professional dancer. Thankfully, the talented and knowledgeable coaches and the gym members have welcomed me into their family. And with my twice weekly Flow sessions, I have been able to provide members with extra attention towards mobility and injury prevention. The most important thing, however, is the unity within the Ask Family. I do not regret for a second that CrossFit Ask became my second home!
Photo: Peter Monstad
Jan Steinar
I started CrossFit in October 2018, coming from the normal weight training environment. Although I knew I was strong in some areas, I had my weaknesses. Among them was patience, mobility and technique. Going too hard and too fast was a common mistake for me to make, and this was also increasing my risk for injuries. PT sessions with Lena "have pulled me apart, and built me back up, piece-by-piece". We have been focusing on all of the muscle groups and the quality of my technical movements. I've now started to unlock several exercises, from weight lifting to handstand walk, using proper movements and techniques. I highly recommend one-on-one PT at CrossFit Ask
I was made to feel very welcome when I started at Ask in the autumn of 2018. I feel that CrossFit Ask is a great center with skilled trainers, good facilities and quality equipment. This good environment provides a lot of motivation to train. I also like the great variety in both exercises and intensity. It makes me push myself mentally to a greater extent than when I exercise on my own. Compared to when I started, I have increased my strength in many area and I have started to increase the number of workouts I take each week.
Before I started at Ask, I found it difficult to get into a good training routine. With CrossFit, I like the combination of both strength and stamina training. Also, that I can meet up for a pre-planned session, with good guidance in each session. I have also found, that after a CrossFit session, I am actually clear headed and relaxed; more so than an hour on the couch. CrossFit has also helped me strengthen my back and shoulders, which were causing me issues before I started. Now I have been training at Ash every week for a whole year and feel fitter and stronger than ever.
When I started training at CrossFit Ask, I had just moved to Stavanger from France. What surprised me the most, was that the AskFamilien really felt like a family. What stood out most was the way I was greeted by the coaches and the other members. CrossFit has become a big part of my life, and when I'm not offshore I spend quality time here. CrossFit has changed my lifestyle and made me stronger and healthier.
I love to train at Ask because I feel there is a very good community vibe. The coaches are professional and organise training for all levels of experience and fitness. At each session they offer guidance and help me to progress towards a new skill level. The training has given me a new highlight in everyday life, and the only thing I regret is that I didn't start earlier. I used to jog quite a lot and train at an ordinary gym, but I was struggling with back and leg pain. I am completely rid of these pains. Ask has given me training pleasure, progress in my strength and fitness, and many new relationships with different and beautiful people, who I otherwise would not have met. The environment at Ask is absolutely fantastic and always gives me a "boost", both on good and bad days.
After several years at a regular fitness center, I needed something new to motivate me, but I thought CrossFit was only for top-trained machines. Speaking with some friends I soon found out that it is for anyone who has a body and anyone who wants to ‘move’. So I joined Ask in February 2019, and it has really changed my life; both physically and mentally. From day one, I felt welcomed, both by the coaches and the other members; a culture I have never experienced at any other fitness center. For many years I have struggled with chronic back pain, but with regular exercise I now keep the pain in check.
Since day one, I have felt like the trainers are present and attentive in each session, and both the trainers and the Ask Family, have taken care of me and helped me improve. After 8 months with CrossFit Ask, I am starting to see some major improvements. Everyday activities have become easier, I have much more energy and I have been sleeping better. Most notably, I have become mentally stronger. I have found that the environment at Ask is quite unique compared to other gyms. The coaches are not only skilled, but have also motivated and supported me through my CrossFit journey. They are a big influence and are probably the reason I have made such great progress.

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