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drop in & visit

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we do not accept drop-ins at the moment, but we look forward to seeing you in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.

Drop-In visits are for the CrossFitter who regularly trains at another CrossFit box and is familiar with the CrossFit training method. You should have enough experience to jump straight into a class, without needing an extra guidance. You are also welcome to train ‘open gym’ if you prefer.

The drop in fee is kr 150,- / day or 400,- / week.

Step 1


We ask that all Drop-In visitors register, prior to arriving at the gym.

Step 2


Once you have registered, we will provide an email confirming 'how to book a session.'

Step 3


Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation and 'check in' at the iPad in the foyer.

Step 4


Feel free to use our changing rooms and then wait for your trainer near the 'white board.'

welcome to stavanger

We live in one of the most beautiful, spectacular and famous parts of Norway. And we’d like to show you all of the best bits.

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We surveyed our members to determine the best-kept secrets of our region, and they responded by revealing their “Top 3 – Best Destinations” for every time of the day. 

So, after you Drop-In and visit, you will also be able to see the best of our town.  And don’t be afraid to ask our members, if anyone is keen to meet up for a hike, a coffee or a burger.  We love hosting visitors.

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