experienced crossfitters

experienced crossfitters

become a member

If you are experienced in CrossFIt and have trained at another CrossFit box before, you don’t need AskLappen (this our version of the CrossFit onboarding process). You are welcome to come in and try CrossFit Ask or contact us and we will add you to our waiting list.

Below are the steps you can take, to become a member if you are an experienced CrossFitter.

Step 1 - prøvetime

Come and try CrossFit with two free Prøvetime sessions.


We encourage all experienced CrossFitters to come in for a chat or to take our free trial class. The trial class is will give you a chance to try our gym and get to know our trainers, without any cost or ongoing financial commitment.

register yourself here

  1. Register by creating a CrossFit Ask profile.
  2. Check your email and follow the instructions to complete your profile and sign our waiver. 
  3. Log-in to our member’s portal – Push Press and select “Reserve a Class.” 
  4. Reserve your place at our next “Prøvetime” typically Thursday 20:00 – 21:00.
  5. Arrive at CrossFit Ask 10 minutes prior to the session time, ‘check in’ at the iPad in the foyer and wait for your trainer in the coffee lounge.

Step 2 - Join Our waiting list

After completing Prøvetime or chatting with us, you are ready to join CrossFit Ask.


We regularly introduce new members, and thus have the opportunity to follow everyone up and offer a good quality introduction.

We recommend that you contact us directly via email, to discuss the waiting time.

Join our waiting list

  1. Complete the “Sign Up Form”.
  2. Check that you have receive our confirmation email within the next days.
  3. Then, wait for your invitation to the next membership intake.
  4. Send us an email if you have any further questions.

waiting list sign up form

Step 3 - become a member

When you are next in line, we will contact you and offer you a spot.


become a member

  1. When you are next in line on the waiting list, we will send you an email which includes instructions regarding selection and payment of your membership.
  2. Select and pay for your membership (as outlined within the intake email).
  3. Receive our email confirmation that your membership is active.
  4. Begin training at CrossFit Ask.

our memberships


Binding for 12 months
kr 859
Paid in advance
each month


Binding for 6 months
kr 979
Paid in advance
each month


Binding for 12 months
kr 729
Paid in advance
each month

* Student membership require a valid student ID or paid semester fee (upper age limit 32 years).  Student membership does not apply to doctoral students and only applies to full-time students. Offshore membership requires valid ID or proof of employment.


Once you have selected and paid for your membership, you are a full member of CrossFit Ask and have access to all facilities and scheduled sessions.