new to crossfit

new to crossfit

come and try

We welcome all community members, over the age of 15 years, to come and try CrossFit Ask.  You don’t need any prior experience or fitness level to try CrossFit Ask or become a member.  As you begin your CrossFit journey, we will work closely with you, to adjust each session to suit your individual needs.

Below are the steps to become a member.

Step 1 - prøvetime

Come and try CrossFit with two gratis Prøvetime sessions, typically Thursdays at 20:00 – 21:00.


You will become better acquainted with the Ask Family and the CrossFit training method. In this 60-minute trial, we will run through a typical CrossFit session, which will include a briefing, warm up and a work out.  You don’t need any prior experience or established fitness level, but come ready to puff, blow, sweat and have fun.

Register yourself here

  1. Register by creating a CrossFit Ask profile.
  2. Check your email and follow the instructions to complete your profile and sign our waiver. 
  3. Log-in to our member’s portal – Push Press and select “Reserve a Class.” 
  4. Reserve your place at our next “Prøvetime” – typically Thursday 20:00 – 21:00.
  5. Arrive at CrossFit Ask 10 minutes prior to the session time, ‘check in’ at the iPad in the foyer and wait for your trainer in the coffee lounge.


After completing your Prøvetime, you are ready to sign up and join our mailing list.

We regularly have a new membership intake. This approach ensures that you receive the highest quality introduction to the CrossFit movement standards, as you begin your journey with us.

By joining our mailing list you will be on the invitation list for our next membership intake.

Sign up for our next intake

  1. Complete the “Mailing List Sign Up Form”.
  2. Wait to receive our email which confirms you have been added to our mailing list.
  3. Then, wait for our invitation to the next membership intake.

mailing list sign up form

Step 3 - receive our invitation

We regularly have a new membership intake.


Everyone that has joined the mailing list will be sent an email with an invitation to the next membership intake.  Therefore, it is important to be quick to respond, in order to secure your place in AskLappen and secure your membership.

Please follow the steps in the invitation email.

Secure your spot

  1. Wait for our invitation to the next membership intake.
  2. Follow the steps in our email, which includes:
    – a kr 600 reservation fee
    – selection of your membership, and
    – payment for your first month of membership.
  3. Wait for our confirmation email with information about AskLappen.
  4. Arrive at CrossFit Ask 10 minutes prior to your AskLappen day/time.

our memberships


Binding for 12 months
kr 859
Paid in advance
each month


Binding for 6 months
kr 979
Paid in advance
each month


Binding for 12 months
kr 729
Paid in advance
each month

* Student membership require a valid student ID or paid semester fee (upper age limit 32 years).  Student membership does not apply to doctoral students and only applies to full-time students.  Offshore membership requires valid ID or proof of employment.


This is your complete on-boarding workshop and the final step before you can train at CrossFit Ask.


This will be a thorough session, during which we will guide you through the fundamental movements and terminologies of CrossFit.

During AskLappen, you will get to know our gym, meet other new members and complete a few different work outs.  So please, come ready to learn, laugh, move and sweat.  We recommend that you bring a water bottle and some snacks, as AskLappen will run for around 5 hours.


  1. Arrive at CrossFit Ask 10 minutes prior to AskLappen.
  2. Come ready to puff, blow, learn, laugh, sweat and have fun.


After you have completed AskLappen, you are a full member of CrossFit Ask and have access to all facilities and scheduled sessions.