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New program starting 2 November...!

New program starting soon...!

Good health starts with a balanced diet

Join coach Lena, our qualified nutritionist, who will guide you through a 2 month tailored meal plan.  She’ll provide guidance and advice to help you learn more about your body and help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

2 month monitored program - 1500 kr per month

- 2 month monitored program
- 1500 kr per month

What to expect

In a personalised relationship with our nutritionist, you’ll receive increased knowledge about food, and close follow-up and motivation!  Via our group chat, you’ll also be able to share your ideas and experiences with others joining the program.

The diet is built on the foods you already prefer to eat, with a focus on the right amounts required to achieve your goals.  We’ll find a great diet that you enjoy and can eat with your family!

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The Ask Nutrition program is suitable for anyone in the local community or abroad, who wants to find a diet that will help them achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

How do we do it...?

You'll have regular video meetings and chats with our nutritionist, plus access to a group chat with others in the program.

Who can join...?

Anyone who wants to learn more about food or needs help making sensible changes in their everyday diet.

When is it...?

New courses are starting every second month, with a minimum 2-month commitment.


This is what some of our nutrition clients are saying about us.


I got to the point where I was simply TIRED.  Tired of everything! Tired of pain in my body, tired of being extra heavy when training and tired of not feeling that my appearance matched the person I am and wanted to be.

The diet plan and follow-up from Lena gave me exactly what I needed to change my life.  I know what it takes to lose weight, but I simply could not do it on my own. 

The plan is regular, healthy food, easy to follow and I learned lots of new ideas along the way, which is important because this is a healthy lifestyle I will follow for the rest of my life.  There is no calorie counting here, but I have learned to put together meals that contain what I need of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

I really loved the chat group with the others following the program. Everyone has their own starting points, goals and wishes, but we all cheer on each other, and share both good and difficult days. Here we also share recipes and receive posts from Lena with lots of tips about food and also, loads of inspiring words.

Photo credit: Siri Danielsen


I started the nutrition program with Lena at the end of November 2019.  During the first five months, I lost 18.5 kilos and established good eating habits.  And to date, I have been able to maintain these good habits and continue healthy weight-loss.

Like many others, I have tried different diets, but what Lena offers is help with a normal diet and normal foods.  I don’t spend more time in the kitchen cooking and I am preparing food that I really like.

Before joining the nutrition program, however, I had been training for 3 and a half years, without losing weight. So I signed up for the program as a way to get control of portions and food intake.

It was very motivating to be in a group with others who were in the same situation as me and the follow-up from Lena was very good!  We shared recipes, and good days and bad days.

If you have the motivation, Lena has the tools.  I would definitely recommend nutrition program with Lena. And CrossFit Ask!

Photo credit: Trine Finnesand


With the help of small and simple adjustments, Lena’s nutrition plan has helped me find my way back to good meal routines. I have found more energy and better performance, both on land and in the water.

I was not planning to make big lifestyle changes, but I just wanted to lose a few kilos after having a little too many cheat days over a period of time.

Although I had some knowledge about nutrition beforehand, it was incredibly nice to get some help with a clear and simple plan that did not require much time. Lena provides good follow-up and it was very nice to be part of a group where everyone motivated each other and shared experiences, even though we had different goals and starting points.


In around 6 months, I have lost 19kg. After countless attempts, I am so glad that something has finally worked!

I have previously tried shake and juice diets, the famous chicken-broccoli-rice strategy, and NPT with dietary follow-up, but have never managed to go down.

The biggest changes I had to make in my diet were limiting the amounts I was eating, cutting the amount of sugar and sweets I ingested, and becoming more aware of the healthy options in everyday life.

It has been surprisingly easy to follow Lena’s plans, especially when she has been so ‘on the ball’ and had good follow-up with both pictures of dinners, weekly weighing, new options on the plan, and answers and advice as soon as I have wondered something.

For my part, I think the most important factors in managing this have been sharing my experience with people around me, planning meals for the week in advance, as well as chatting with Lena and others in the group to share ideas.

I can highly recommend this!

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