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Our coaching team has trained and tested many different amateur and professional training programs; and our experience includes extended periods of writing and delivering in-house programming.  We have concluded that we can believe in and trust the results of The Progrm. 

To deliver world-class programming in Stavanger, we have implemented smaller class sizes to ensure that each member receives guidance, attention and coaching in every session.

At CrossFit Ask, we offer our members the following programming tracks.


Our prescribed daily programming follows the traditional CrossFit training method. To begin with, we recommend all members follow the Daily WOD by training 2 to 3 days-per-week. Extra training days can be added, as members become comfortable with the volume and the movement standards.


Once a member has been able to comfortably follow the Daily WOD 4 to 5 days per week for a longer period of time, it might be a good time to add WOD+. This is a 30-minute skill, strength or endurance session, that is extra to WOD each day.

The Progrm Strength

The Progrm Strength is focused on building strength and explosiveness, and often includes an 8-12 week strength cycle. Each session lasts for about 90 minutes 5 days a week.

The Progrm Daily

This is our more advanced programming for the competition or elite athlete who has progressed through the WOD and WOD+. The Progrm Daily is dedicated to the serious development of all-round strength and fitness, in preparation for competition. It involves 90-120 minutes of training, 6 days per week.

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After you become a member, you will have access to our member’s portal.  There you can reserve a place in any of our sessions.


We offer a range of prescribed group training sessions, aimed to build your overall level of strength and fitness.  Each session can be adjusted or modified by your trainer, to suit your individual skill, fitness or experience level.  With smaller class sizes, we ensure that each member receives close attention and coaching in every session.


This is our trial class for anyone who wants to try the CrossFit training method or explore CrossFit Ask. It is a less-technical session, and is also open to members.


"Workout Of the Day"

In the WOD there is "a little bit of everything". The WOD includes a mix of strength, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and fitness.


This is a proper fitness session, used to build endurance and conditioning. The focus is typically simple, functional movements. Endurance is perfect for those who have little training experience or want to improve their engine.


We take one or two exercises and focus on them for 4-5 weeks. This is perfect if you want to improve some more technical skills such as kipping, handstands, snatch, etc...


This is a proper fitness session, perfect to build endurance and stamina. This session is based on simple and fun exercises, often with a 'strong movement' or 'six-pack attack.' It is perfect for those who have no training experience or just want to focus on building their overall strength and fitness.


This session is dedicated to movement and mobility. Flow will help you stretch and relax tired muscles, and improve your range of motion.

Partner WOD

This is a longer work out, usually undertaken in teams of two or three. They can be a mix of any of the CrossFit movements and the work our is usually longer (30 - 40 minute time cap). This is a very fun and social session, and usually include a shared workload with some rest periods.
Partner WOD

Open Gym

50% of our floor space is dedicated to Open Gym or individual training. We understand the importance of this component of the gym environment, as many members train outside of the scheduled sessions. No reservation is required, just sign-in as you enter the gym.
Open Gym

Training Diary

We have selected SugarWOD as the mobile app we use to deliver all of our programming to members.  In one simple place, members can record & track all workouts, times and PR’s.  




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Download Sugarwod here

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