These are our most frequently asked questions.

We hear this one all the time.  Some people are worried they might be too ‘out of shape’ to join our gym or be judged for being unfit.  This is not true.

We absolutely love seeing new members tackle their fitness journey; no matter where they are beginning from.  And we have a few real-life transformation success stories, who you could talk too, if you are still a little concerned.

We will actually welcome you with open arms and help you quickly find your fitness again. Supporting you at every step with a high five or a fist bump.

CrossFit is for all community members.

You don’t need any prior experience or fitness level. We will adjust each session to suit your individual needs.

CrossFit is a training method somewhere in between having a personal trainer and going to a group fitness class (like boot-camp, aerobics or circuit training).

The sense of community within CrossFit is unique. It is a positive and inclusive environment, and it is common to chat with other members, stay for a coffee after training and even become good friends.  With CrossFit Ask specifically, you get expert follow-up and a family atmosphere.

In addition, we’re always hosting social events for all our members.

If you have trained CrossFit before or you are relocating from another box, we ask that you contact us for a chat, to discuss your experience level.

If you have completed a CrossFit “on-ramp” at another gym and you have a good foundation of strength, fitness and movement, you should be able to join CrossFit Ask without taking our AskLappen (our on-ramp).

You can sign in 48 hours in advance of a session.  

If the session is full, you can also reserve a place on the waiting list.  If or when a place opens up for you (due to the cancellation of another member), an email will be sent to you, confirming that you are signed-up for the session.

It is therefore important to cancel your spot, if you are unable to come or running late.

Our sessions run at various times each day, in accordance with the Training Schedule (Timeplan).

However, all members can request their own swipe key that provides access to the gym between the hours of 0530 and 2100. 

Around 50% of our floor space is dedicated to Open Gym training, or individual training.

To train Open Gym, you simply need to “check in” to Open Gym via the iPad at front desk, when you arrive.

Members can freeze their membership for a period of 1 – 3 months. To freeze you need to send us a medical certificate.

If you wish to freeze your membership, you must apply for it one month in advance by sending us an email.

During the freezing period, a monthly charge of kr 150, will be incurred.

All cancellation requests must be sent via email or via direct conversation with the gym manager. 

A 1-month notice period is required for all memberships. This applies starting from the date the termination request is received.

And it is assumed that you have completed the binding period of your contract, if applicable.

We are located at Auglendsdalen 81G, 4017 Stavanger (in an area called Åsen).

More specifically we are located in the Gunnarshaug building.

After you drive in past the small Kiwi supermarket, continue west towards the motorway.  Our entrance is on the North side of the building, in the lane way next to Hove West.

what is crossfit

“CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.”

CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman.

why choose crossfit

CrossFit is different to other fitness environments because it provides an atmosphere of group camaraderie, where coaches and members support each other to learn new movements and improve their fitness level.  This spirit of community and teamwork, often pushes our strength and fitness to a new level, that we only dreamed about in the ‘normal gym’ setting.

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